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We would like to invite you to attend the International training course “Rammed Earth 2019”, May 20-24 2019, in Mooste Manor. Eestimaaehitus – Competence Center for Ecological Building, restores an old Stable and Carriage House in Mooste Manor, where 2020 will open a Training, Product Development and Competence Center for Ecological Building. During this practical training course, we will introduce the Rammed Earth building technique and construct a partition wall in Competence Center building. The 5-day practical training course is led by Rowland Keable from England.

Rammed earth

Rammed earth walls in a wide variety of structures and applications have been constructed throughout the world over many thousands of years, including sections of the Great Wall of China.

Rammed earth is formed by compacting loose moist sub-soil, placed in layers 10-15 cm deep, inside the temporary formwork. Compaction is generally dynamic, through the use of manual or pneumatic rammers.

For modern construction it offers a beautiful, high-quality, durable and sustainable building method suitable for a range of external and internal applications, such as walls, floors, furniture and design elements.


Rammed earth has very low embodied energy content, it is re-usable and safe for the environment. Massive earthen walls accumulate heat and balance relative humidity. Improved indoor climate and more energy efficient building.

Working with natural materials is pleasurable and it does not harm your health. Premises finished with natural materials provide better living and working environment and are an integral part of the modern architecture.

Distinctive design
Internal rammed earth walls do not require finish coatings. Unique results can be created by adding decorative rocks, seashells or different colors of clay. Rammed earth walls are works of art of the modern building.

Rowland Keable rammed earth Eestimaaehitus

Trainer Rowland Keable

“Rammed Earth 2019” training course is led by Honorary Professor Rowland Keable, UNESCO Chair on Earthen Architecture. CEO and Project Officer, Earth Building UK and Ireland, Director Rammed Earth Consulting CIC.

Rowland has worked with rammed earth technology since 1985 including Passivhaus local authority classrooms where thermal and humidity loads are an issue. Acting as consultants in each case the work was carried out by non-earth specialist designers and contractors. 

Rowland is also involved in writing construction codes and standards both in the UK, Europe and Africa. Rowland was an active member of a group working on a European skills training standard ECVET for earth structures. His participation lead to the publication of UK standard training documents for earth building and plasters.

Rowland continues to pursue standards harmonisation with the British Standards Institution in pursuit of a first Euro norm for earth building. Work in standards is another facet of a career which has involved building, teaching, training, researching, publishing and taking a ‘by all necessary means’ approach to acceptance and use of earth as a building material.

Workshop Rammed Earth 2019 Schedule

May 20 Monday

8.30amGathering and registration
9.00amPresentation of the day’s agenda, introduction
09.30amRammed earth – theory & presentation
11.00amTests with material, test samples
1.30pmTests with material, test wall and formwork setup 
5.00pmEnd of the first day of the workshop
Qs & As, free discussion

May 21 Tuesday

9.00amPresentation of the day’s agenda
9.10amMaterial preparation and building with rammed earth 
1.30pmBuilding with rammed earth
5.00pmEnd of the second day of the workshop
Qs & As, free discussion

May 22 Wednesday

9.00amPresentation of the day’s agenda
9.10amTheory & presentation
10.00amBuilding with rammed earth
1.30pmBuilding with rammed earth
5.00pmEnd of the third day of the workshop

May 23 Thursday

9.00amPresentation of the day’s agenda
9.10amBuilding with rammed earth
1.30pmBuilding with rammed earth
5.00pmEnd of the fourth day of the workshop

May 24 Friday

9.00amPresentation of the day’s agenda
9.10amTheory & presentation
10.00amBuilding with rammed earth
1.30pmBuilding with rammed earth
5.00pmEnd of the workshop


Organizer: Eestimaaehitus – Competence Center for Ecological Building
Training site: Stable and Carriage House, Mooste Manor, 64616 Põlva County, Estonia
Language of the workshop: English
Participation fee: 450€ (375€ for EKA, TTÜ, TKTK, EMÜ students) includes: theory, presentation, introduction to materials, practical methods, tools and resources necessary for practical work, lunch.
Safety: Practical training takes place at the building site, participants are obliged to wear safety footwear and helmet
Registration and information: tere@eestimaaehitus.ee
Accommodation Mooste Mõisa külalistemaja / Mooste Viinavabrik 

Catering: Breakfast is included in accommodation price. Lunch is included in participation fee. Dinner 12 €

We appreciate a good food, so you can expect delicious meals three times in a day. We use a lot of organic ingredients, grown with love in local farms and forests. NB! Please let us know if you have any allergies or food intolerance.



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