Planning and designing (Mikk Luht)
Natural materials in construction and finishes (Marko Kikas, Mikk Luht, Sven Aluste)
Renovation and reconstruction of old earth buildings (Marko Kikas)
New earth buildings (Marko Kikas, Sven Aluste)
Straw bale construction (Sven Aluste, Marko Kikas, Mikk Luht)
Energy efficient buidlings (Mikk Luht)
Environmentally friendly heaters, stoves, fireplaces (Aleksander Ljubajev)
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We offer broad educational services for various target groups. From our public workshop schedule one can find interesting offers as well for self-builer as for professional. 
We colloborate with schools, and other training and educational organisations. We can develop custom made training program, designed specially based on needs of your group of interested persons, enterprise, non-profit, private, or governmental organisation, or for local government. We also offer variuos natural building and enterprise development trainings for our members.  
Eestimaaehitus NGO trainers: Marko Kikas, Mikk Luht, Sven Aluste, Andrus Needo, Aleksander Ljubajev, Anvar Valge, Triin Pruuli, Malvo Tominga
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In 2018 will open a competence, training, and product development center for traditional and naturalecological building at Stable and Crriage House in Mooste Manor. There will be possible to rent rooms and equipment, and get advice for product development. We initiate cooperation between natural building enterprises and research institutions,  and we´ll bring excellence competence from abroad to Estonia. 
Several members of Eestimaaehitus are also engaged with product development. You can ask for advice already today. 
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Equilibre MTÜ - Handmade natural garden houses
Heaenergiahoone OÜ - Natural materials for energy efficient buildings 
Saviukumaja OÜ - Natural building and finishing materials
Tuli ja suits OÜ - Environmentally friendly heaters, stoves, fireplaces www.korstnapü

A-Viimistluse OÜ - Clay and lime plastering, application of tadelakt & Gekolakt, decoration with natural paints, stenciling, furnishing and furniture, interior finishing works, tiling
Equilibre MTÜ - Clay and lime plastering, earth building, straw bale construction
Heaenergiahoone OÜ - Energy efficient buildings with natural materials - from idea to design, from design to turnkey 
Krohwin OÜ - Clay and lime plastering, application of tadelakt & Gekolakt, handmade sinks and bathtubs
Loodusehitus OÜ - Clay and lime plastering, straw bale construction and finishing
Tuli ja suits OÜ - Design and construction of Environmentally friendly heaters, stoves, fireplaces, chimney sweep
Wanawiis ehitus OÜ -  Clay and lime plastering, application of tadelakt & Gekolakt, facade works, decoration
Wuni OÜ - Clay and lime plastering, application of tadelakt & Gekolakt, facade works, decorative solutions, conservation and restoration of old brick and natural stone walls.