Our members have long experience in the field of ecological construction. We improve ourselves constantly and take part in cooperation projects both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world. We can offer advice and help to customers, self-builders, schools, architects, developers, and professional builders.

EcoCocon straw panel straw building services

Material: EcoCocon straw panel / Foto: ©EcoCocon


You can ask for advice by phone and email. It is best to book a time and visit our center, where we have many examples illustrating construction and finishing techniques. For a fee, we are also available for on-site visits to provide advice on a specific construction project.

Topics: planning and design, use of natural materials in the construction and finishing of new buildings, energy-efficient solutions, straw bale houses, renovation of old earth buildings, renovation of old stone buildings, insulation and plastering of wooden buildings. We recommend contacting Vanaajamaja MTÜ with questions regarding wooden structures.

Earth building renovation consultation Eestimaaehitus
Natural building materials consultation Eestimaaehitus


We offer a wide-ranging training service for very different target groups. Our open training schedule has interesting offers for both novice self-builders and professionals. We work with schools and other providers of training services.

We can also prepare a training program tailored to the needs of your company or group of people, if need be. We also offer various sectoral and business development trainings to our members and bring trainers to Estonia from abroad.

Tadelakt application workshop Eestimaaehitus
Clay plaster application workshop Eestimaaehitus


Our building has a seminar room that you can rent for teleworking, meetings, and smaller events. The seminar room has Internet connection, a projector, sound equipment, six tables and 20 chairs. You can also choose manual activities from the selection of our on-demand trainings.

The product development and training room is suitable for the initial development phase of natural materials and for holding trainings. Smaller events can also be held there. The room has Internet connection, a TV option for presentations, tools, 12 work desks, eight benches and six laboratory tables.

Seminar room fine finish clay plaster interior Eestimaaehitus
Product development workshop room ecological building Eestimaaehitus

Construction work

Working with natural materials is undoubtedly more natural and healthier for the worker. Our members have chosen this direction very consciously, they work with real passion and have long experience in the field.

We also encourage people to learn and take part of the construction work, if possible. However, if this is not for you, we can help with constructing a new building or renovating an old one using natural building materials.

Construction work Eestimaaehitus
Construction work rammed earth pneumatic tamper Eestimaaehitus

Environmentally friendly design ovens

Live fire has been at the heart of the home for millennia. The hearth of a modern home is an efficient and environmentally friendly stove or fireplace, which has been built and finished using natural materials.

One of our members is also an oven builder, whose hands help create efficient and clean-burning heating sources. The oven builder uses compressed earth blocks for laying and shaping the outer shells and clay and lime plaster for finishing. This design is clearly distinctive.

Design mass heater oven building
Fireplace oven building

Finishing work

Environmentally friendly materials should be used in the construction of the entire building, but oftentimes, people are unable to choose the building materials for the entire building; in such case, at least the finishing should be natural and provide a healthy indoor climate. Concrete and gypsum boards can also be finished naturally.

Most of our finishers work with clay and lime plasters. The demand for these skills and services is high both in Estonia and abroad. In their work, they use high-quality natural materials produced in Estonia.

Finishing work lime plaster application Eestimaaehitus
Finishing work clay plaster application Eestimaaehitus

Management of renovation projects

Our members include project managers, builders, finishers, materials developers, and manufacturers. With their help, we also renovated the old stable-carriage house of the Mooste Manor, which now houses the Competence Center for Ecological Building – Eestimaaehitus.

If you have an old building, but you lack the knowledge and skills to restore it in a dignified manner, then we can help you manage the whole process. We recommend designers, find solutions and materials, and recruit workers from among our members or partners.

Facade renovation lime plaster Eestimaaehitus
Management renovation project Eestimaaehitus

Construction management for new buildings

Feel free to contact us if you need knowledge or skills in the use of environmentally friendly materials when constructing a new building or working on a development project to make it as environmentally friendly as possible and create a healthy indoor climate.

Together with our members and partners, we also managed and performed finishing work in a modern palace of the royal family of Qatar. The materials used were produced in Estonia, and their selection is constantly growing and, if necessary, the materials are also developed with a specific project in mind.

Construction management new building lime plaster Eestimaaehitus
Project management new building Eestimaaehitus

Product development

For both new and old buildings, it is sometimes necessary to develop construction or finishing materials on a project-by-project basis. Our members include materials manufacturers who engage in product development.

All initial development work can be performed in our centre by renting a room for it or by purchasing the product development service from us. We also work with universities and other relevant institutions if the project requires further research.

Natural materials product development Eestimaaehitus
Product development competence center ecological building Eestimaaehitus

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