Mooste Mõisa tall-tõllakuur
Mõisahoovi tee 5, Mooste alevik
Põlvamaa 64616 Eesti
Phone: +372 56 226 066

Eestimaaehitus competence center ecological building

Building: Eestimaaehitus – Competence Center for Ecological Building / Architect: Esplan OÜ / Main contractor: JB Ehituse OÜ / Finishing: members of Eestimaaehitus / Location: Mooste Manor complex, Estonia / Photo: Mikk Luht

Eestimaaehitus – Competence Center for Ecological Building

  • we advise and connect organisations, companies, and individuals operating in this field;
  • we offer a wide-ranging training service;
  • we promote traditional and modern solutions in the fields of energy-efficient construction and natural building materials;
  • we belong to international networks;
  • we initiate and facilitate international cooperation and cooperation between research institutions and companies;
  • we opened a training, product development, and competence center for ecological building in the Mooste Manor complex in 2020.

Eestimaaehitus MTÜ is a member of the Earth Build Europe network, European Straw Building Association and training partner of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund.

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    Eestimaaehitus clay plaster workshop


    Eestimaaehitus MTÜ
    Phone: +372 56 226 066