Clay plaster workshop for professionals 2022

Clay plaster workshop for professionals 2022

5-day inspiration journey

Are you a professional (natural) plasterer? We are organizing a clay plaster workshop for professionals, filled with lectures, presentations, practical activities, tours and discussions, designed specially for members of EBUKI (Earth Building UK & Ireland), based on their input. Since they don´t fill the entire class, we are offering a few additional places to other interested participants. Although we mention lime here and there, the main binder and star of this course will be clay with fibers and mineral aggregates.

Course content Aug 22-26

Earth lime and natural fibers

Earth, lime and natural fibers

Earth, lime and natural fibers – materials that have been used by mankind in construction and finishing for over 10,000 years, and it is their use that our organization has focused on.

Load-bearing structures, insulation materials, blocks, mortars, plasters and paints – we´ll give a practical overview of what clay, lime and natural fibers indicate in the traditional and modern world of construction and finishing.

Fine finish clay plasters

Fine finish clay plasters

Fine finish clay plasters are an elegant way to finish any full plastering system, but also are brilliant products to break into the field of mainstream finishing.

The application on drywalls is quicker than usual gypsum fillers, plasters and paint, no sanding or additional paint layer is needed. Soft and warm clay tones create a cozy atmosphere in both historical and modern interiors.

Natural decorative additives

Decorative natural additives, such as marble, straw, flax, seashell, fuchsite, crystals and precious stones, provide an opportunity to create an even more personal finish.

We will practice and talk about preparation works, different substrate, colour mixing, tools, application, finishing and maintenance of fine finish clay plasters.

Clay finishes

Matte, satin and glossy clay finishes

Clay stucco is a thin finishing plaster and rich in shades, which allows you to create crystal-gloss or silky-matte surfaces.

According to the technique, the finished result is glossy or a versatile, beautiful pattern.

Clay stucco

Inspired by thousands of years of Japanese masters’ techniques and materials, this modern plaster is like a work of art, whose glossy pattern creates a luxurious atmosphere with just a few thin layers and mixing with colored clays allows you to create an endless choice of shades.

We will practice and talk about preparation works, different substrate, colour mixing, tools, application, finishing and maintenance of clay stucco.

Color wheel

Colour theory

Traditional, hand-coloured clay plasters have been joined by industrially-manufactured high quality clay plasters. Interior design with clay plasters, clay colors and brush renders have gained in popularity.

Producing good design solutions requires a broad and detailed knowledge of color and room design. This includes knowledge of the effects of colors and contrasts, the influence of light, of surface division and accents, as well as options for the treatment of surfaces.

Color theory

From draft stage to completion, plasterers can extend their field of activity in a creative direction, by making or varying mixtures themselves using color or texture enhancing additives.

As we would like to keep the training course mainly practical, the colour theory materials will be sent to participants prior to the course.

Clay plaster workshop for professionals

Group work – learning by doing

Based on the feedback from the participants on our courses all over the years, the best way to learn is to do some real site work, something that matters and will be permanent.

On the last day of this course we´ll finish all together some of the walls in one of the most important room in our center – sample and exhibition room.

Clay plaster workshop color samples

In addition to trainers and lecturers spending the week with participants, even more masters of natural building and finishing will join on the last day of the course, to share their experiences, skills and knowledge while carrying out the group work all together, to maximize the learning curve, team work, networking, collaboration and to just have a lot of fun.

Evening programs + Saturday special Aug 22-27

Eestimaaehitus natural building

Lecture and tour of Eestimaaehitus building

We will talk about the renovation process of our building and show the different solutions used, and introduce what our organization and its members are doing, and what opportunities the center offers. We will take you on a tour of our competence center building where you can see plenty smaller and full-scale natural building and finishing techniques and solutions.

Walk in nature

The forest has historically fed and offered shelter to Estonians, whose roots are deeply embedded in the nature’s soil. While many Estonians today lead a busy suburban lifestyle, they continue to seek the forest as a place to rest and reinvigorate the body and the mind. Forest is recognized as a recurring theme in Estonian folklore, inspiring storytellers and painters that have produced beautiful landscapes. No doubt, the course week will be intensive and flooded with lots of information, so let´s treat our bodies and minds with a nice walk in nature.

Earth building

Earth building tour

Earth buildings are found all over Estonia, yet South Estonia is home to the largest concentration of them. Attractive red ochre buildings are abundant in the region. The buildings have been erected for different purposes: there are manor houses and residential buildings, but different outbuildings stables, barns, granaries, smithies and even saunas dominate the scene. We will take you on a short tour in the area and visit some traditional and modern earth buildings.

Natural building materials

History of Saviukumaja and tour of productions

Saviukumaja is an Estonian company with a big mission. They produce clay and lime based world-class finishing plasters and paints, and other natural materials under the UKU Pure Earth brand name. Founder of Saviukumaja, Marko Kikas, will take you on a journey trough history of his company and give you a tour of their productions.

Lime plaster application


We will give an opportunity to members of EBUKI and members of Eestimaaehitus to present their work to other participants and trainers.

Questionnaire and details will be sent to participants prior to the course.

Hobukooli Park

Visit to Hobukooli Park

If you manage to book your flight back in the evening of Saturday, we truly recommend a visit to Hobukooli Park on your way back to Tallinn Airport. Hobukooli Park is a truly inspirational place, worthy of visiting by everyone who appreciates ecological building methods and lifestyle principles. Amazing nature, countless numbers of buildings and facilities made of natural materials, and of course the unbelievably energetic and always kind host family. The host, Sven Aluste, will join us on Friday.

Your inspiration journey guides

natural finishes workshop

Andrus Needo

Trainer in Eestimaaehitus. Founder and owner of Krohwin OÜ, and an experienced master of clay and lime plaster.
Speciality: stucco, tadelakt.

clay plaster application

Malvo Tominga

Trainer in Eestimaaehitus. Founder and owner of Wanawiisi ehitus OÜ, and an experienced master of clay and lime plaster. Speciality: renovation of earth buildings.

tadelakt workshop

Martin Hütt

Trainer in Eestimaaehitus. Former business director in Saviukumaja, now founder and partner of Stuko OÜ. Long-term experience in production and product development. Speciality: stucco, tadelakt.

Natural building training

Mikk Luht

Founding and board member, project manager and trainer in Eestimaaehitus. EcoCocon representative in Estonia.
Speciality: material specifics, project management.

Additional crew joining for group work

clay plaster workshop

Anvar Valge

Trainer in Eestimaaehitus. Founder and owner of A-Viimistluse OÜ, and an experienced master of clay and lime plaster.
Speciality: stenciling.

clay plaster training

Helari Sirelpuu

Trainer in Eestimaaehitus. Founder and owner of Wuni OÜ, and an experienced master of clay and lime plaster. Speciality: renovation of stone masonry, tadelakt.

natural building trainer

Sven Aluste

Trainer in Eestimaaehitus. Founder and owner of Equilibre NGO, and an experienced earth and straw builder.
Speciality: reuse of materials.

Lime plaster workshop

Taavi Leis

Trainer in Eestimaaehitus. Founder and owner of Krohvikoda OÜ, and an experienced master of clay and lime plaster.
Speciality: stucco, tadelakt.

Your investment


Sweet dreams

Linakoja Guest House
Linakoja guesthouse, formerly a woodshop, is located near the main building. It has 5 simple, yet cozy rooms, most with shared bathrooms and restrooms and a small apartment “Cabinet” with private bathroom, all on the second floor of the building. €25 person/per night for workshop participants, breakfast included.

Restaurant Mooste Distillery

Lovely cuisine

Restaurant Mooste Distillery
The food is prepared from selected local ingredients. The restaurant prefers natural products grown by small producers. Please let us know your special requests and possible special diets in advance so that we can make your experience as memorable as possible. 2-3-course meal €10-15

Inspiration journey

Inspiration journey

5-day clay plaster workshop for professionals includes: theory, presentations, introduction to materials, practical methods, tools and resources necessary for practical work, tours. Participants are free to take the results of their experimentations with the materials with them. Any materials necessary for further independent experimentation can be purchased at a discount price set for the participants of the workshops. Course fee: €500/person

Location and how to get here

Eestimaaehitus koolituskeskus

Eestimaaehitus – Competence Center for Ecological Building

Workshop takes place at Competence Center for Ecological Building
Location: Mõisahoovi tee 5, Mooste alevik, Põlvamaa 64616, Estonia


Organizer: Eestimaaehitus – Competence Center for Ecological Building
Training site: Mõisahoovi tee 5, Mooste alevik, Põlvamaa 64616, Estonia
Language of the workshop: English
Participation fee: €500
Number of participants: max 12
Registration and information: +372 56 226 066
Accommodation and catering: additional information on registration

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    Eestimaaehitus MTÜ
    Telefon: +372 56 226 066