Clay finishes

Clay finishes workshop


Workshop: Clay finishes

“Clay finishes” is a 5-day practical training that focuses on the final finishing of various substrates (plaster surfaces, plaster boards) with decorative clay plasters, clay finishing and gloss putties, and clay paints.

The workshop is suitable for people who have no previous experience with clay plaster as well as people who already have some experience and wish to receive further training.

Clay finishes are rapidly gaining popularity, because people increasingly want to use natural, environmentally friendly and healthy interior climate finishing materials.

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Clay finishes
Materials: Glossy clay stucco on the mass heater, tinted clay finish plaster on the wall (UKU Pure Earth) / Room: living room in residential building / Application: UKU Pure Earth / Photo: © UKU Pure Earth

Workshop topics

Workshop “Clay finishes” focuses mainly on application methods. In this 5-day practical workshop we will cover all the necessary basics of why, how, and where to use fine finish clay plaster, putties and paint. We will talk about different base surfaces, plaster systems, preparation works and tools, finishing materials and techniques, and maintenance.

We will work on specially prepared sample boards, stands and wall surfaces. Participants are free to take the results of their experimentations with the materials with them. Any materials necessary for further independent experimentation can be purchased at a discount price set for the participants of the workshops.

UKU Pure Earth supports the training with materials.

Clay finishes application
Material: Satin clay marmorino (UKU Pure Earth) / Room: office / Application: UKU Pure Earth / Photo: © Eestimaaehitus

Decorative clay plasters

Decorative clay plasters are an elegant way to finish any full plastering system, but also are brilliant products to break into the field of mainstream finishing.

The application on drywalls is quicker than usual gypsum fillers, plasters and paint, no sanding or additional paint layer is needed. Soft and warm clay tones create a cozy atmosphere in both historical and modern interiors.

Decorative natural additives, such as marble, straw, flax, seashell, fuchsite, crystals and precious stones, provide an opportunity to create an even more personal finish.

We will practice and talk about preparation works, different substrate, colour mixing, tools, application, finishing and maintenance of fine finish clay plasters.

White decorative clay plaster with chopped straw

Matte, satin and glossy clay finishes

Inspired by thousands of years of Japanese and Italian masters’ techniques and materials, modern clay finishing and glossy putties are like a work of art, whose unique patterns create a luxurious atmosphere with just a few thin layers and mixing with colored clays allows you to create an endless choice of shades.

According to the technique and material selection, the finished result can be textured, matte, silky satin or high glossy versatile pattern.

Clay putties have  very good surface strength and adhesion. They are ideal for dry interiors for decorative finishing of walls, ceilings as well for ovens and even earthen floors, when oiled and waxed appropriately.

We will practice and talk about preparation works, different substrate, colour mixing, tools, application, finishing and maintenance of clay putties.

Matte satin glossy clay finishes

Clay paint and clay painting

Clay paint is one of the simplest and most environmentally friendly options for finishing various surfaces in dry indoor spaces. It is easy to install, the surfaces remain matte and do not reflect light.

The tone is provided by natural and pastel clay tones in the clay paint, which can be mixed together to obtain new shades or brightened with natural pigments. Fine-grained fillers add a slight texture to the clay paint, which adds personality to smooth surfaces.

With the help of pattern rollers and stencils, you can create exciting patterns, pictures and ornaments on surfaces with clay paints.

In addition to finishing surfaces, clay paints can also be used for painting. Just such a therapeutic and creative part of our training is conducted by the freelance clay artist, Jaanika Bahval, who introduces the poured clay painting technique to the participants.

Clay paint clay painting
Clay paint clay painting

Colour theory

Traditional, hand-coloured clay plasters have been joined by industrially-manufactured high quality clay plasters. Interior design with clay plasters, clay colors and brush renders have gained in popularity.

Producing good design solutions requires a broad and detailed knowledge of color and room design. This includes knowledge of the effects of colors and contrasts, the influence of light, of surface division and accents, as well as options for the treatment of surfaces.

From draft stage to completion, plasterers can extend their field of activity in a creative direction, by making or varying mixtures themselves using color or texture enhancing additives.

As we would like to keep the training course mainly practical, the colour theory materials will be sent to participants prior to the course.

Colour theory natural finishes

Evening programs

Lecture and tour of Eestimaaehitus building

Our center is located in Mooste manor complex, in an old stable and carriage house, built in 19th century. It is a heritage building and a cultural monument.

Preparations for renovation project started in 2016, construction work started in 2018 and in 2020, we opened here a Training, Product Development and Competence Center for Ecological Building.

We will talk about the renovation process of our building and show the different solutions used, and introduce what our organization and its members are doing, and what opportunities the center offers.

We will take you on a tour of our competence center building, where you can see plenty smaller and full-scale natural building and finishing techniques and solutions.

Eestimaaehitus building
Eestimaaehitus building

Walk in nature

The forest has historically fed and offered shelter to Estonians, whose roots are deeply embedded in the nature’s soil. While many Estonians today lead a busy suburban lifestyle, they continue to seek the forest as a place to rest and reinvigorate the body and the mind. Forest is recognized as a recurring theme in Estonian folklore, inspiring storytellers and painters that have produced beautiful landscapes. No doubt, the course week will be intensive and flooded with lots of information, so let´s treat our bodies and minds with a nice walk in nature.

The most pristine and untouched beauty of Estonian nature is hidden in bog landscapes, which are scarce in the rest of Europe. Valgesoo is the smallest but the most fascinating bog in Põlva County; it conceals tiny bog islands, colonies of ants and hiding places of animals.

The two Taevaskoda outcrops on the banks of the ancient valley of the Ahja River are one of the most frequently visited sites in southern Estonia.

Valgesoo bog and Taevaskoja
Valgesoo bog and Taevaskoja

Tour of Mooste manor complex

Eduard von Nolcken made Mooste’s manor complex one of the most charming of its kind in Southern-Estonia. It is also one of the newer manor complexes in Estonia.

The manor’s heimat-style main building was built in 1909 following the project by August Reinberg. The two-story building has a slate roofing and plenty of cornices and dormers, as well as many other characteristically complicated and decorative details.  

What makes Mooste manor special in addition to the stately main building, is the grand complex of well-preserved outbuildings. They are mainly built from granite with brick embellishments. The spacious complex is surrounded by a beautiful granite wall, which has sumptuous gates and is crowned with a bell-tower on one of its corners. The outbuildings are also eye-catching and gorgeously decorated. 

Mooste manor complex
Mooste manor complex

Relaxation in the Mooste manor spa

Before the last active training day, we allow the body, soul and spirit another refreshing relaxation and visit the Mooste manor spa.

Located on the lower floor of Park House, the guest house of the Mooste distillery, Manor Spa offers refreshment for both body and mind.

Scandinavian bright and green interior, forest-scented steam and iridescence of nature sounds, provide the best relaxation. In the spa, you can enjoy a sauna with Saunum heater, a steam bath, a jacuzzi bath and boost your health in the salt chamber.

To get the best experience, it is possible to order various massages and body treatments before or after the sauna.

Mooste manor spa
Mooste manor spa



Martin Hütt is a trainer in Eestimaaehitus. He is the founder, CEO and plasterer of Stuko OÜ. He has long-term experience in the production and development of natural materials. Today he is mainly devoted to fine finishing and decorative works with clay and lime plasters. His favorites include Venetian plaster and tadelakt.

Mikk Luht is a founder and board member, trainer and project manager of the Competence Center for Ecological Building – Eestimaaehitus. He manages sectoral planning, design and construction projects and represents the international brand ©EcoCocon in Estonia.

Jaanika Bahval is a freelance clay artist. She started painting at the beginning of 2018. After searching for her style through various techniques for several years, she finally came back to clay, which she had given up too quickly at first. At the beginning of May, she opened her studio-gallery in the Mooste manor complex, which we will also visit.


Accommodation options

Linakoja Guest House (140 m)

The former woodworking workshop located in the manor yard has been converted into a cozy Linakoja Guest House, where simple but comfortable rooms await.

Toilets and showers are shared in the corridor.

Overnight stay with breakfast for a participant of the “Clay plaster on a log wall” workshop €25/person (2-4 people in one room, depends on availability).

Accommodation information and booking at with keyword CLAY FINISHES 2024.

Linakoja külalistemaja
Linakoja Guest House

Mooste Distillery Park House & Spa (160 m)

Guest apartment “Karmen – Maria” €225

Room “Karmen” (2 people + 2 extra beds available)

Room “Maria” (2 persons)

The rooms share toilet and shower, a common front room with a kitchenette. TV, Wifi, fridge, kettle, coffee machine.

Guest apartment “Kristiina” €199

The spacious front room of the 2-room guest apartment has a comfortable pull-out sofa and armchairs, a desk, a kitchenette, and a private toilet/shower. Through the front room you can get to a cozy bedroom for 2 people. TV, Wifi, fridge, kettle, coffee machine.

Pargimaja mõisaspaa

Guest rooms “Riin”, “Karin”, “Kadi”, “Käbi”

The guest rooms share toilet and bathroom. TV, Wifi, fridge, kettle, coffee machine in the spacious hall.

“Riin” (2 people + 2 extra beds available) €95

“Karin” (1-2 people, small room, toilet/shower in the room) €85

“Kadi” (1-2 people, shared toilet/shower) €85

“Käbi” (4 people, shared toilet/shower) €95

Extra bed €40 / Pet €10

Breakfast at Distillery Restaurant €10

Accommodation information and booking at with keyword CLAY FINISHES 2024.

Mooste mõisa pargimaja spa
Mooste Distillery Park House & Spa

Mooste Distillery (250 m)

The beautifully renovated Mooste Distillery is located right on the shore of the Mooste lake. Overnight stay with breakfast:

Suite €199 (2-room, 1 large bed, extra beds available)

Large room €149 (for 2 people, extra bed possible)

Small room €125 (for 2 people)

Small guest room €85 (for 2 people)

Large family room €199 (5 people)

Extra bed €40 / Pet €10

Accommodation information and booking at with keyword CLAY FINISHES 2024.

Mooste Viinavabrik
Mooste Distillery

Hotel Pesa in Põlva (16 km) or Airbnb

The Hotel Pesa has a total of 30 rooms located on the second and third floors of the building.

The rooms with solid wooden furniture and natural parquet flooring have a shower, toilet, TV and WiFi. The mini-suites also have a kettle and bathrobes.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the hotel. The hotel offers direct access to the health center of the city of Põlva, where there is a swimming pool, saunas and a gym.

Information and booking

Or find suitable accommodation in the area on Airbnb

Pesa hotell
Hotel Pesa

Catering options

Love goes through the stomach

We have lunch in the Mooste Distillery restaurant. They offer food that is mainly made from carefully selected local ingredients. The restaurant prefers naturally grown products from small producers. A two-course lunch costs €15.

After registration, we will send you a questionnaire where we ask you to indicate whether you would like to eat lunch and ask for information about possible diets, allergies and intolerances.

But you can also bring your own food basket and have a nice picnic in Mooste manor park.

Mooste Distillery restaurant
Mooste Distillery restaurant

Location and how to get here

Eestimaaehitus koolituskeskus

Eestimaaehitus – Competence Center for Ecological Building

The Natural Building Festival takes place in Competence Center for Ecological Building – Eestimaaehitus.
Location: Mõisahoovi tee 5, Mooste, Põlva County 64616, Estonia


Monday June 17, 2024

09.00Welcome, presentation of the day’s agenda, introduction
09.30Introduction to clay finishes
10.00Different base surfaces
10.40Different base surfaces
11.00Safety, preparations and tools
13.00Decorative clay plaster application
15.10Different textures
17.10Clean up & sum up
17.30End of the first day of the workshop
19.00Evening program: Lecture and tour of Eestimaaehitus building

Tuesday June 18, 2024

09.00Presentation of the day’s agenda
09.05Preparations and tools
09.30Matte and textured finishes with clay putty
10.40Matte and textured finishes with clay putty
13.00Matte and textured finishes with clay putty
15.10Matte and textured finishes with clay putty
17.10Clean up & sum up
17.30End of the second day of the workshop
19.00Evening program: Walk in nature

Wednesday June 19, 2024

09.00Presentation of the day’s agenda
09.05Preparations and tools
09.30Satin and glossy finishes with clay putty
10.40Satin and glossy finishes with clay putty
13.00Satin and glossy finishes with clay putty
15.10Satin and glossy finishes with clay putty
17.10Clean up & sum up
17.30End of the third day of the workshop
19.00Evening program: Tour of Mooste manor complex)

Thursday June 20, 2024

09.00Presentation of the day’s agenda
09.05Clay painting
10.40Clay painting
13.00Clay paint
15.10Clay paint
17.10Clean up & sum up
17.30End of the fourth day of the workshop
Relaxation in the Mooste manor spa

Friday June 21, 2024

09.00Presentation of the day’s agenda
09.05Group work (paus at the suitable moment)
13.00Group work (paus at the suitable moment)
17.00Clean up
17.15Sum up of the workshop, feedback, certificates
Sauna & chill


Organizer: Eestimaaehitus – Competence Center for Ecological Building
Location: Mõisahoovi tee 5, Mooste Manor, 64616 Põlva County, Estonia
Language of the workshop: English
Participation fee: €500 (VAT included). NB! When registering, indicate whether you want an invoice for a private person or a company.

Number of participants: min 6 / max 12
Safety: bring your working clothes and footwear, proper mask if you are sensitive to dust.
Information: +372 56 226 066
Accommodationoptions are described in accommodation section above Catering: options are described in catering section above

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