Clay plaster on a log wall

Clay plaster workshop 2017 Eestimaaheitus

Workshop: Clay plaster on a log wall

Woodhouse Estonia organizes an International Log Building Conference: Revitalizing Heritage.

The conference provides a great opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge with professionals in log house construction, designing, and renovation. Participants also have the chance to enhance their expertise in log construction by taking part in practical workshops.

We are organizing special thematic workshop “Clay plaster on a log wall” as a side event. The workshop is suitable for people who have no previous experience with clay plaster as well as people who already have some experience and wish to receive further training. We welcome especially people from abroad who plan to visit the International Log Building Conference.

Clay plaster timber frame wall
Clay plaster on a timber frame wall / Photo: © Eestimaaehitus

Workshop topics

Workshop “Clay plaster on a log wall” focuses mainly on application methods. In this 2-day practical workshop we will cover all the necessary basics of why, how, and where to use clay plaster. We will talk about different base surfaces, various clay plasters, reinforcement, finishing, and maintenance.

We will work on specially prepared sample boards, stands and wall surfaces. Participants are free to take the results of their experimentations with the materials with them. Any materials necessary for further independent experimentation can be purchased at a discount price set for the participants of the workshops.

UKU Pure Earth supports the training with materials.

Clay plaster application workshop
International clay plaster workshop 2018 / Photo: © Eestimaaehitus

Day 1: preparation, material and application

  • Preparation works, tools and safety
  • Clay plaster components
  • How to make your own clay plaster
  • Ready-made products
  • Clay plaster systems for log wall and other wooden substrates
  • Introduction of clay plaster systems for other common substrates
  • Reed mat and reed board application
  • 1st layer of base coat
  • 2nd layer of base coat and reinforcement

Clay plaster workshop
International clay plaster workshop 2022 / Photo: © Eestimaaehitus

Day 2: finishing

  • Preparation works, tools and safety
  • Introduction of different options for finishing
  • Fine finish clay plaster application
  • Different textures
  • Natural decorative additives
  • Maintenance

Clay plastering workshop
International clay plaster workshop 2014 / Photo: © Eestimaaehitus

Accommodation options

Linakoja Guest House (140 m)

The former woodworking workshop located in the manor yard has been converted into a cozy Linakoja Guest House, where simple but comfortable rooms await.

Toilets and showers are shared in the corridor.

Overnight stay with breakfast for a participant of the “Clay plaster on a log wall” workshop €25/person (2-4 people in one room, depends on availability).

Accommodation information and booking at with keyword LOG BUILDING 2024.

Linakoja külalistemaja
Linakoja Guest House

Mooste Distillery Park House (160 m)

Guest apartment “Karmen – Maria” €225

Room “Karmen” (2 people + 2 extra beds available)

Room “Maria” (2 persons)

The rooms share toilet and shower, a common front room with a kitchenette. TV, Wifi, fridge, kettle, coffee machine.

Guest apartment “Kristiina” €199

The spacious front room of the 2-room guest apartment has a comfortable pull-out sofa and armchairs, a desk, a kitchenette, and a private toilet/shower. Through the front room you can get to a cozy bedroom for 2 people. TV, Wifi, fridge, kettle, coffee machine.

Pargimaja mõisaspaa
Mooste Distillery Park House

Guest rooms “Riin”, “Karin”, “Kadi”, “Käbi”

The guest rooms share toilet and bathroom. TV, Wifi, fridge, kettle, coffee machine in the spacious hall.

“Riin” (2 people + 2 extra beds available) €95

“Karin” (1-2 people, small room, toilet/shower in the room) €85

“Kadi” (1-2 people, shared toilet/shower) €85

“Käbi” (4 people, shared toilet/shower) €95

Extra bed €40 / Pet €10

Breakfast at Distillery Restaurant €10

Accommodation information and booking at with keyword LOG BUILDING 2024.

Mooste mõisa pargimaja
Mooste Distillery Park House

Mooste Distillery (250 m)

The beautifully renovated Mooste Distillery is located right on the shore of the Mooste lake. Overnight stay with breakfast:

Suite €199 (2-room, 1 large bed, extra beds available)

Large room €149 (for 2 people, extra bed possible)

Small room €125 (for 2 people)

Small guest room €85 (for 2 people)

Large family room €199 (5 people)

Extra bed €40 / Pet €10

Accommodation information and booking at with keyword LOG BUILDING 2024.

Mooste Viinavabrik
Mooste Distillery

Hotel Pesa in Põlva (16 km) or Airbnb

The Hotel Pesa has a total of 30 rooms located on the second and third floors of the building.

The rooms with solid wooden furniture and natural parquet flooring have a shower, toilet, TV and WiFi. The mini-suites also have a kettle and bathrobes.

Free Wi-Fi is available in the hotel. The hotel offers direct access to the health center of the city of Põlva, where there is a swimming pool, saunas and a gym.

Information and booking

Or find suitable accommodation in the area on Airbnb

Pesa hotell
Hotel Pesa

Catering options

Love goes through the stomach

The Moisekatz cafe, located 140 m away, is open every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The menu includes: home-baked pastries-pies, delicious cakes and tarts, salads and savory snacks, high-quality coffee drinks, homemade daily specials, Moisekatz Black Bread, soft ice cream for sweet tooths.

250 m away, the Mooste Distillery restaurant offers food that is mainly made from carefully selected local ingredients. The restaurant prefers naturally grown products from small producers.

But you can also bring your own food basket and have a nice picnic in Mooste manor park.

Natural Building Festival 2023 picnic

Location and how to get here

Eestimaaehitus – Competence Center for Ecological Building

The Natural Building Festival takes place in Competence Center for Ecological Building – Eestimaaehitus.
Location: Mõisahoovi tee 5, Mooste, Põlva County 64616, Estonia

Eestimaaehitus koolituskeskus


Monday May 20, 2024

09.00Welcome, presentation of the day’s agenda, introduction
16.45Clean up
17.00End of the first day of the workshop
House tour for those interested

Tuesday May 21, 2022

09.00Presentation of the day’s agenda
16.30Sum up & clean up
17.00End of the workshop


Organizer: Eestimaaehitus – Competence Center for Ecological Building
Location: Mõisahoovi tee 5, Mooste Manor, 64616 Põlva County, Estonia
Language of the workshop: English
Participation fee: €200 +VAT (22%). NB! When registering, indicate whether you want an invoice for a private person or a company.

Number of participants: min 6 / max 12
Safety: bring your working clothes and footwear, proper mask if you are sensitive to dust.
Information: +372 56 226 066
Accommodationoptions are described in accommodation section above Catering: options are described in catering section above

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